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Avid Rentals

Avid rentals whether you're working remotely using JUMPDesktop or Resilio, or right in the thick of the action on-location or maybe In-Person at our cutting room.

Our Locations

These suites are decked out with all the gear you need to make it happen in Hollywood and in Sherman Oaks.

We also can provide a fully turnkey editorial and offices at your choice of location. Just tell us where!

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6602 Selma Ave,
Hollywood, CA 90028
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1542 Cassil Place,
Hollywood, CA 90028​
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the post production standard

Elevate Your Post-Production in Hollywood's Heart.

Cutting-Edge Editing Suites and Collaborative Spaces Designed to Fuel Your Creative Vision.

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    On Location Editorial Setup

    Avid rentals whether you're working remotely using JUMPDesktop or Resilio, or right in the thick of the action on-location or maybe In-Person at our cutting room.

    Fully Remote Editorial Services

    Hold up, remote work? Absolutely. No matter where you're cutting', our super-secure data center connects you effortlessly to your hosted Avid. Choose between JumpDesktop or Resilio SYNC and colorable with PacPost.live.
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    Studio-Level Security

    Collaborate on Avid/Adobe sequences with Two Factor SMS Authentication and Private WebRTC CDN

    Flexibility in Feedback

    Instant responses, zero audio interference, and seamless collaboration via a unified dashboard

    Global Low-Latency Speed

    Benefit from sub-second delays, scaling, and advanced annotation tools for optimal efficiency.

    PacPost.live Features

    Studio-Level Security, Unrivaled Speed, Real-Time Collaboration. PacPost.live offers Quality Streaming, Enhanced Conferencing, and End-to-End Encryption for all your production needs.

    Studio-Level Security

    Multi-user live streaming with studio-level security from our editorial hub.

    Real-Time Collaboration

    Collaborate on Avid/Adobe sequences and VFX projects in real-time, with global latency of 200-500 milliseconds.

    Enhanced Video Conferencing

    Conduct video conferences with up to 50 members for meetings and collaborations.

    Unrivaled Speed

    Seamlessly stream content with unrivaled speed from our world-class network.

    Efficient Feedback

    Give live feedback easily through our dashboard to editors, compositors, VFX teams, and more.


    Provide real-time feedback by sketching and drawing on content, tailored for production houses.

    Quality Streaming

    Enjoy up to 4K streaming with 4:2:2 color format at 30mbps bitrate.

    End-to-End Encryption

    Your creative assets are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption.

    High-Quality Audio

    Noise-canceling technology with 512 kbps ensures clear sound without push-to-talk mics.

    Unified Communication:

    Chat while watching a live stream for dynamic discussions.

    Global Accessibility

    Access from anywhere around the world, facilitating seamless remote collaboration and content creation.

    Device Support

    Compatible with IPAD, IPHONE, Apple TV and Chrome

    Thousands of Filmmakers, Hundreds of Hollywood Projects:

    Hold on, PacPost.live has been the secret sauce behind hundreds of Hollywood projects, reaching thousands of filmmakers all over. Schedule a demo today to test drive PacPost.live remote collaboration.

    Get Creative with Pacific Post and PacPost.live:

    With Pacific Post and PacPost.live, your getting a fully integrated post service. Whether you're into up-close collaboration, remote , or on-location. 

    Output: 10-bit 4:2:2

    Video bitrates up to 30 Mbps (Super-HighQuality

    Audio bitrates up to 512 Kbps (Super-High Quality)

    Optional ioT Hardware Encoder

    Multi-Cam feature with 4 live streams

    PacPost.Live Online Web Interface
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      Publisher Panel

      Publishers are gatekeepers for streams, deciding who gets access. They invite specific viewers to designated streams, ensuring focused and secure viewership.

      Show Administrator

      The Show Administrator orchestrates the digital environment. They're in charge of crew invitations, ensuring that both publishers and viewers have access to the necessary content.

      Unlimited Viewers

      Viewers in PacPost.live aren't just spectators; they can actively engage with content using annotations, chat, and even join video conferences, enriching the collaborative experience.

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      Unlock Creative Collaboration

      Access to PacPost.live for remote viewing and collaboration. Securely stream editorial with anyone, anywhere.

      Live streaming & video conferencing

      Live chat

      Unlimited viewers

      Sub-second delay

      Playback on any device